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The Passaic County 200 Club is an organization of concerned citizens who have pledged to honor and support law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical services personnel and other public safety personnel. The 200 Club will also assist the surviving spouse and children of those killed or severely injured in the line of duty. The assistance provided can consist of cash grants and/or scholarships.

The Passaic County 200 Club honors the outstanding efforts of public safety personnel who, during the past year, have performed a heroic deed above and beyond the call of duty. These recipients are honored at an annual award presentation.

The Passaic County 200 Club generates its income from the dues and continuing support of its members. Each applicant receives identification from the Club establishing his/her membership. The Club enjoys the full support and endorsement of public safety organizations throughout Passaic County as well as across the state.

The Passaic County 200 Club is a charitable, non-profit organization established in 1989. No one acting on behalf of the Passaic County 200 Club (member, officer, director or trustees) receives any benefit or compensation. All serve in a volunteer capacity and receive their reward in the satisfaction of helping provide for the families of our fallen heroes.

Anyone interested in supporting and furthering the aims and goals of the Passaic County 200 Club is eligible for membership. All members must have the approval of the Passaic County 200 Club Board of Trustees.